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A resort on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula, Yalta is famous for its conference during World War II. Its perfect location with magnificent view over the mountains and its microclimate attract numerous tourists. Here one can have a suntan near the sea admiring the nearby mountains. And in winter you can ski here. A place with a really beautiful nature, Yalta had been the resort for Russian tsars and aristocracy, and then for the soviet nomenklatura...

Most visits to Yalta are trouble-free. Check our latest Yalta travel advice including safety and security, entry requirements and travel tips for up-to-date information.

Yalta is a small town without a railway and airport, but it is very lively in summer. There is neither flight Kiev Yalta, nor train Kiev Yalta. The best way to arrive here is from Simferopol. If you arrive to Simferopol by plane, from Simferopol airport you can take a taxi (expect your journey to last for 1 hour and a half minimum but in summer it's much longer). We advise you to book your transfer in advance, it much more economical. There is no coach from the airport. Coaches depart from Simferopol railway station or bus station.
There is no train Kiev Yalta but there is a train Kiev Simferopol several times a day and a daily train Odessa Simferopol. It's better to buy train tickets in Ukraine in advance, especially in summer season: the demand is high and trains are often full. 1st class train ticket gives you access to a compartment with 2 berths, 2nd class train ticket : a compartment with 4 berths, 3rd class - a carriage without compartments with 54 places.

From Simferopol to Yalta (80 km) or from Sevastopol to Yalta (110 km)

From Simferopol (capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) you can try the trolleybus from Crimea to Yalta (the longest trolleybus line in the world : 86 km), the time of the journey is more than 3 hours and you will admire at the scenery all the time. If you want to get to Yalta quickly (in an hour and a half or two hours), you can also take a coach that is much more comfortable but a little bit more expensive. The terminus of coaches is at the entrance to Yalta. Yalta railway station: 8, Moskovskaya street.xx
If you arrived in Crimea from the Sevastopol airport Belbek (code IAITA airport UKS), we recommend you to book your transfer in advance. There are not many taxis and they are expensive. There is no public transport (coach).
More and more of cruise ships anchor in Yaltain the Black sea before going to Sevastopol then Odessa.
Big Yalta (Yalta and the multitude of small seaside resorts on the Black sea shores around Yalta) extends to Foros in the west, to Krasnokamenka in the east for about 70 km. 

Arriving & getting arround

The most part of the citizens or Russian tourists use marshrutka (coach) but you will face a few problems if you don't read and don't speak in Russian. The price of taxi tends to grow in summer. We don't advise you to rent a car as traffic is heavy in summer. It's difficult to park in the centre of Yalta and few road signs indicate your route.

What to see in Yalta?

Essential Yalta
  • Livadia Palace
  • Vorontsov Palace
  • Chekhov House Museum
  • Swallow's Nest
  • Massandra Palace
  • Massandra Winery
  • Ay-Petri Cable Car
  • Lenin Embankment
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Nikitsy Botanical Garden
  • Armenian Church
  • Uchan Su Waterfall
  • Yalta Zoo
  • Alexandre Pushkin Museum in Gurzuf
Palace of Livadia. Palace of white marble in style of renaissance, place of summer residence of the last tsars.
After the revolution, they made here a house of rest. In February 1945, the conference of Yalta secretely reunited the head of the government of the Soviet Union, Joseph Staline, of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, and of the United States Franklin D. Rusevelt to decide the division of Europe after the deafeat of the Third Reich. Nowadays this palace is a museum. It is also used by ukrainian authorities for hosting of international summits.
Duration: 1/2 day
Botaniсal Garden of Nikita
Numerous species of flora that are often unique that's why this botanic garden is remarkable. Between the sea and the mountains, with the square of 1100 ha, it plants more than 20 000 species of various plants.
On your between Alushta and Yalta don't forget to make a stop in this charming village. To visit: the museum dedicated to Alexandre Pushkin, who lived here in 1820, as well as the datcha of  dramaturg Anton Tchekhov.
The Ai Pietri mountain and  Wuchang-Su watefall
The "Swallow's nest", symbol of the Crimea,
a castle built in the medieval style on the edge of the rock overhanging the sea...
The palace of count Vorontsov in Alupka
It had being built from 1828 to 1848 for local gouvernor and count Vorontsov. This mix of Mourish and neo gothic Tudor styles is unique. The palace overlooking the sea is surrounded by magnificent park of rare species of flora, of palms, marble statues of lions, waterfalls…
The caves and domain of Massandra for a degustation of Crimean wines. 

What to do in Yalta?

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