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Ukraine map Kazantip hotel Galia

Plan google map for Popovka to locate our hotel at Kazantip on the map

Our hotel Galia (yellow mark on the map) is situated only 500 metres away from the beach and Kazantip (territory of the Republic Kazantip is marked orange). You won't need more than 5-7 minutes of walking to get from our hotel to Kazantip. That's the best hotel of Popovka !

Now when you know where the hotel is, you can book your stay at Kazantip in this hotel

We are trying to give you the most precise information possible but the google maps are not really updated. Configuration of the village of Popovka changes rapidly. This will nevertheless give you an idea of the distance between the hotel and Kazantip. There is no map of Popovka that you can get even on your arrival but we will show you the shortest way to get to Kazantip. You won't lose the way: in August all the tourists in Popovka go to Kazantip !

View map hotel Galia in a larger map

If you come to Kazantip by car, you can consult a map of Crimea to find your way.