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Secutiry of your trip to Kazantip and Ukraine

Ukraine is safer than most of the countries of Western Europe. The potential risks are the same as ours, just take a few precautions and follow our tips to spend your vacations in Ukraine without problems. Foreigners are not specifically targeted. Usually the people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs and therefore with a lower defense capacity are usually the target of people with bad intentions. There are some problems that you might meet at Kazantip festival in Crimea and elsewhere in Ukraine, but you can avoid them following our advice.

Our tips for your successful trip to Ukraine

Pickpocketing of cell-phones or bags: no incidents reported during the Kazantip festival in Crimea and elsewhere.

Pickpockets: stolen wallets, pocket money and/or passports are the main targets. Do not keep valuables, important documents and thousands of cash with you. Kazantip festival in Ukraine: Be careful at the entrance and exit when you make the queue. Do not keep your camera unstrapped. On the beach at kaZantip do not leave your clothes and wallets without control (as on any other beach!) At the bar, avoid dragging your mobile phone. Not racially motivated violence on people from Africa or Northern Africa. Nevertheless they may meet with the same problems as other tourists.

Night Train in Ukraine: generally no problem. We advice to travel in coupé (compartment with 4 beds).

Problems with the police in Ukraine:  generally no problem if you follow the above instructions. If it is a simple identity check, please note that if you have nothing to reproach to yourself you must not have your passport with you (a copy is sufficient).

Our KaZantip hotels are safe and we ask our guests to leave all valuables at hotel or in their apartment. At Popovka (the village where KaZantip takes place) the police officers are rather rare and you will probably never come across with them.

Our tips for your successful trip to Kazantip festival in Ukraine

In case if you've drunk too much nothing special, but do not leave the place alone, on your own. Take your time to rest quietly on the beach and after sunrise (before it gets too hot ...) you can calmly get to your hotel.

Do not consume drugs inside or near the site of the festival Kazantip. It is illegal in Ukraine. If you get caught you will be imprisoned in the local police station.

You feel an urgent pressure: toilets are provided for this purpose. Pissing around the site will cost you the immediate withdrawal of your pass.

Do not harass the Russian or Ukrainian beautiful girls on the beach.

Failure to follow these rules will cost you the immediate withdrawal of your pass. In the best case (if the fault is not too serious) you should buy a new one. In more severe cases, access to the republic will be banned. There are no fights or any specific problems at Kazantip, that is the peaceful festival.

Despite our recommendations, no one is safe from an accident. Foreigners in Ukraine must be covered with the medical insurance. The insurance for our customers doesn't mean additional expenses. It is also recomended to have a repatriation insurance. That will be useful in case of problems in Ukraine.

Assistance 24/24

We are the only ones to offer day and night assistance during your trip to Kazantip and Ukraine. A phone number to call us is available. We work at Kazantip whatever the time is, so that the stay of all our customers is successful.

French people in case of difficulties in Ukraine may contact the Consulate of France in Ukraine (Kiev). There is no consulate of France in other cities of Ukraine. In case of emergency you can contact the Embassy of France in Ukraine on the following number: +38 044 590 36 12. This number is available even on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In Crimea: contact the Consulate of France who will seek, if necessary, the intervention of chef d’ilôt.

At KaZantip: contact the Consulate who will seek, if necessary, the intervention of chef d’ilôt.

In Crimea and Kazantip: the clients of Club Ukraine can directly contact the chef d’ilôt on-site at KaZantip. Address: Morskaya 50 Popovka.

Citizens of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, who are in difficulty in Ukraine may seek advice and support at the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine or the General Consulate.

Citizens of Belgium who find themselves in trouble in Ukraine may seek the intervention of the Belgian Consulate or Embassy of Belgium in Kiev Ukraine. Telephone only in case of emergency: +38 067 220 15 89 (24/24)