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Plan map of apartments Odessa

Plan google map Odessa Ukraine to see offered apartments at Odessa on the map

Our apartments at Odessa are all situated in the historiс centre of Odessa, the most animated part of the city both in summer and in winter. 

  • Odessa centre Ekaterinskaya marked green on the map (Ekaterinskaya square)
  • Odessa centre Potemkin marked red on the map (Ekaterinskaya square)
  • Odessa centre Primorskiy marked violet on the map (near the Opera)
  • Odessa centre Opera marked light blue on the map (near the Opera)
  • Odessa centre Passage marked dark blue on the map (close to the Deribassovskaya street)
  • Odessa centre Vip marked yellow on the map (near the Opera)

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You can minimize the map to check location of the train station of Odessa and the airport of Odessa as well as the beach of Arcadia.

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