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Odessa Ukraine

Odessa is the pearl of the Black Sea, a mythical harbor linked to the French history: a mixture of Mediterranean warmth and of humour with Jewish coloring, Odessa possesses a particular place in the heart of the Russians and Ukrainians. It is a cosmopolitan, eternally young city on the seaside, very animated especially in summer.
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  • Sevastopol excursions
  • Odessa excursions

You can book a train ticket Kiev Odessa (click the link) or book a train ticket Odessa Simferopol (click the link)

In the XVIIIth century, Catherine II wanted to create in the south of her empire, on the edges of the Black Sea, the equivalent of St Petersburg. Even nowadays the city keeps many charms that will seduce you. If you have already planned your vacation at Odessa, visit Kazantip. If you've decided to go to Kazantip, don't hesitate also to visit Odessa!
Odessa has a lively nightlife, restaurants, bars and cafes, and numerous nightclubs, discotheques. The drinks prices and entry of the clubs are lower than in Kiev or Moscow but still higher than in Sebastopol in the Crimea. The clubs are generally open until 6:00 am. The nightlife is very different in winter and summer: the summer partying and clubbing takes place at Arcadia Beach. In winter the main parties are in the center of Odessa, where you can find many pubs, bars, nightclubs, particularly around the street Deribasovskaya and sea-port.  A week of stay is not too much to enjoy Odessa. Whatever the season is, it is much cheaper to rent an apartment in Odessa. The best apartments are located in the center. If you prefer to spend only a few nights, then a hotel in Odessa is the better choice.
Arcadia Beach is the most famous place for partying in Odessa in the summer but it is difficult to predict from one season to another what will be the most popular place, the best attended: in order not to miss anything at Odessa we give you all the best addresses: beach clubs and night clubs. Arcadia is not far from the center but anyway you should get there by taxi. Odessa tourism is booming: the city receives thousands of tourists who want to make new experiences. The women of Odessa are of great beauty and they are a great contribute to the success of the city.
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Odessa by plane

Odessa Airport (IATA code ODS) is one of the largest airports in Ukraine. It has connections to many cities of Ukraine and many European capitals with direct flights. Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Varna, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Antalya. Major european airlines offer flights Odessa. The Odessa airport is not far from the city center. Depending on the time of day and traffic, it takes about 30-45 minutes to the center by taxi. We pick you up at the airport. Price of taxis, waiting near the airport, is sometimes several times more expensive than a classic taxi services. To stay in Odessa the best value to rent an apartment. For more information please check the site of the International Airport of Odessa

Odessa by train

The railway station is situated in Odessa city center. You can reach the heart of the city: the street Deribasovskoya and the port on foot within 20 minutes if you do not have luggage ... Many tourists make the journey on foot along one of the most beautiful and the streets of downtown Odessa - by Pushkin. You can go to the territory of the railway station to the entrance side, without going into the building - then you'll immediately to the rail platform. When passengers rush to the train, they ask the taxi driver to take him to the side entrance (from the bus stop or zone Starosennoy). From the train station in Odessa you can get from all regions of Ukraine, the main regions of Russia, Belarus and also Germany and Poland.

You can book a train ticket Kiev Odessa (click the link) or book a train ticket Odessa Simferopol (click the link)

What to see in Odessa ?


Essential Odesa

  • City Garden. 
  • Deribasivs’ka.
  • Golden Child Sculpture, vul. Prymors’ka.
  • House with Telamons, Hoholia 1. 
  • Opera real miracle of the bourgeois period of the city. It is just necessary to see this marvelous spectaclePassage , Deribasivs’ka.
  • Potemkin Stairway a large stairway that begins at Primorsky Boulevard and descends to the port, immortalized by the cinema of Eisenstein "The battleship Potemkin". It offers you a remarkable panorama on the sea.
  • Sea Terminal, Prymors’ka 6. 
  • Statue of the Duc de Richelieu G-2, Prymors’kyi bul’v. 
  • Teschin Mist (Mother- in-law Bridge) F-1, Mystetstv bul’v. 
  • The factory of brandy in Odessa the most ancient factory of this type in Ukraine. It was built in 1863.

The religious monuments of Odessa

  • Uspensky monastery, built in 1824,
  • the church of Saint Marie Magdalene
  • the synagogue
  • the Muslim mosque
  • Saint Preobrazhensky’s Cathedral Soborna pl.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Cathedral (Kirche) Novosels’koho 68. 


  • Alexander Pushkin’s Museum, Pushkins’ka 13, tel. (+380) 482 22 74 53.
  • Archeological Museum, Lanzheronivs’ka 4, tel. (+380) 48 722 01 71, www.archaeology.odessa.ua
  • Bleschunov Municipal Museum of Personal Collection, Pol’s’ka 19, tel. (+380) 48 722 10 81
  • Filiki Etheria, Chervonyi prov. 20, tel. (+380) 482 35 71 36, www.hfcodessa.org
  • Fine Art Museum, Sofiivs’ka 5A, tel. (+380) 482 23 82 72, www.museum.odessa.net/fineartsmuseum
  • Literature Museum, Lanzheronivs’ka 2, tel. (+380) 48 722 33 70. 
  • Museum of Waxwork, Rishel’ievs’ka 4, tel. (+380) 48 722 34 36.
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Sabans’kyi prov. 4A, tel. (+380) 482 34 36 44, www.msio.com.ua
  • Nicolas Roerich House-Museum , Velyka Arnauts’ka 47, office 2, tel. (+380) 48 715 58 58.
  • Numismatics Museum, Hrets’ka 33, tel. (+380) 48 725 02 77, www.museum.com.ua
  • Regional History Museum, Havanna 4, (+380) 482 22 84.
  • Sea Port Museum, Lanzheronivs’kyi Uzviz 2, tel. (+380) 48 729 38 57.
  • The Museum of Ukrainian Cossacs History, Chornomorskykh Kozakiv 9, tel. (+380) 48 771 88 24/ (+380) 50 510 92 86. 
Promenade in the older part of the city from the street of Deribasovskaya to Primorskiy boulevard, the best way to to discover the city is to have a walk in its centre with rather a Mediterranean than a Russian architecture, that has got a great influence of French and Italian style.

Odessa by night

It is in the district of Arcadia that you will find the best clubs Ibiza et Itaka, with open-air dancefloors animated every day of the week. One can mention the spectacular growth of night-life within two last years with many clubs in the city. Clubs attract regularly the Top of international DJ' S.

Clubbing Odessa city center


Captain Morgan

Zhukovs‘koho 30, tel. (+380) 48 728 84 82,


Dikiy Koyot

Chaikovs‘koho prov. 18, tel. (+380) 48 722 17 18.

Blues Bar Dykyi Z

Dobrovolskoho 118A, tel. (+380) 48 728 14 53


Ibiza Arcadia Beach

tel. (+380) 48 777 0205


Ministerium Dogma Club

Hoholia 12, tel. (+380) 48 777 12 77 



Italiis‘kyi bul‘v. 4, tel. (+380) 48 728 65 66,


True Man

Pushkinska 75, tel. (+380) 48 702 11 78.

True Man Hot Boat

Dolphin beach area, tel. (+380) 48 702 11 78.


Katerynyns‘ka 35 (entrance from Zhukovs‘koho), tel. (+380) 48 785 67 27,


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