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kazantip voyage gives you an updated plan of Kazantip and its real map !

We offer plans and maps to locate Kazantip... Here you can check the situation of all our hotels at Kazantip in the village of Popovka using google maps. Our hotels are situated in a short walking distance from Kazantip and beaches. Don't forget to check the hot deal packages for hotels at kazantip.

We also offer apartments for rent in the nearby village of Mirny. To locate this village compared to Kazantip, consult our map

kazantip voyage also offers you

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Map of Ukraine

Map of Crimea Kazantip

Map of Kazantip

Ukraine map plan Kazantip Popovka

Ukraine map plan Kazantip apartment Mirniy

Ukraine map plan Kazantip hotel Galia

Ukraine map plan Kazantip hotel Irina

Ukraine map plan Kazantip chalet on the beach