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Kiev Ukraine

Kiev (in russian) or Kyiv (in ukrainien) had been the capital of the first big Eastern Slavonic civilization, the Russ of Kyiv. Kyiv became a reputed political and cultural centre because of its beauty. Then came decline and revival... Under Russian domination, Kyiv started to grow. Under Russian domination Kiev began to grow. Come to spend a few days in Kiev that is just in 3 hours flight from Europe. We offer very beautiful apartments located in the centre of Kiev at a very reasonable price.
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Kiev or Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

After the destruction of the Soviet Union the largest city of Ukraine became the capital of the newborn country. You will be surprised by Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. A Kiev guide for a day to discover one of the most beautiful, but less known capital in Europe, planning for skiing in winter or a beach party in summer! And for sure the guide for a night - Kiev nightlife. Do not be surprised if sometimes you hear or read the word Kyiv, this is not a mistake but the Ukrainian transcription of Kiev in Russian. The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. You'll find many information signs in that language though the majority of the population speaks Russian. Despite the look of some Ukrainians, Kiev is one of the safest capitals in Europe. You can travel without any problems.

The weather in Kiev, Ukraine - you are not in Siberia! Winter can be cold but dry, very bearable if you are properly clothed. In summer the temperature reaches 35 ° C.

When you arrive to Kiev, the citizens may seem cold to you, but once the ice is broken, you'll find the authenticity of the Ukrainians very quickly. As for the Slavic beauty - you will find that it is not a myth: Kiev is the possibility to meet beautiful and elegant Ukrainian women in every street, bars and clubs. And they won't leave you indifferent. Kiev is the capital so every woman tries to uphold its status by dressing up very nice.

How to get to Kiev?

The capital of the largest country in Europe is only three hours flight from Paris. Ukraine International Airlines (often incorrectly called Air Ukraine or Ukrainian Airlines), the national airline has several daily direct flights Kiev Paris, as well as direct flights Nice Kiev in summer. For many towns of Marseilles, Toulouse, Bordeaux, connections are possible.

The airport of Kiev where international flights arrive is the airport Kiev Borispol (IATA code is KBP, Boryspil in Ukrainian). You will arrive at Terminal B (international terminal). If later you should take a domestic flight to Simferopol or Odessa, you have to go to Terminal A. 

Tip: after your arrival to the airport to the international terminal, think of downloading a plan of Kiev. It will be useful for you to find your way in the city yourself and in its subway.

You can get to Kiev by train from Berlin and Warsaw in particular but more likely you will have to go through the railway station of Kiev to move within Ukraine. Every day numerous trains connect the capital of Ukraine to all major cities. The travel is quite long but often in the night train, so finally we do not see how time passes. The train Kiev Sevastopol (No. 40) leaves daily from Kiev at 13:10 and arrives to the station of Sevastopol the following day at 6:20 a.m. after a 1092 km of journey. Train Kiev Simferopol (No. 12) departs daily from Kiev at 19:59 to arrive to the capital of Crimea at 9:25 a.m. the next morning, i.e. 15 hours for 1014 km travelled. These are regular trains that run throughout the year. Many extra trains are added in summer for Southern direction of Ukraine: Odessa or the Crimea. If you take train in Ukraine, you should check the schedules that you are given for guidance only.

If this is the first time you take a train in Ukraine from the Kiev railway and you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian, mind minimum of thirty minutes to find the right platform and the right car. For those who buy train ticket using our service, we wait at the station and accompany you to your compartment.

From the Central railway station you can take the metro (station: Vogzalna) to arrive to the historical centre of Kiev in a few minutes.

To accommodate in Kiev

It is very simple to move in Kiev. Feel free to take the subway which is one of the most beautiful in the world and much cleaner than European ones. Descent for more than one hundred metres underground! It may last longer to descend than to go from one station to another. No security problem. But for the rush hours one should pay attention to the thefts. After the first difficulties to locate yourself, you will quickly get used to this mode of transportation that is much faster than the car. More and more traffic jams make it impossible to get around the city at certain times. Late in evening, it's better take a taxi.
Note that you can move in two other metro cities of Ukraine: Kharkov (Kharkiv) and Dnipropetrovsk.
An original way to get around and reach the Dnieper banks is to take the funicular.

Kiev tourism


Essential Kiev

  • Andrew's Descent
  • Golden Gate
  • Khreschatyk
  • Independence Square
  • St.Sophia's Cathedral

Religious Monuments of Kiev

  • Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra
  • St Andrew's Church
  • St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral
  • St.Volodymyr's Cathedral


  • Cultural Heritage Museum
  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War
  • National Art Museum
  • National History Museum
  • Museum of Modern Ukrainian Fine Arts Collection
  • Bulgakov Museum
  • Ivan Honchar's Museum, Ukrainian Centre of Folk Art
  • The National Museum of Aviation
The avenue Khreshchatyk and the Place of Independence (Maidan Nezalezhnosti)
Planted with chestnuts, it is the most popular and the most beautiful avenue of Kiev. Do not miss the possibility to walk along «champs Elysées» of Kiev, admiring its particular architecture and fountains. At weekends, the street becomes a very nice pedestrian zone... After World War II, the avenue was rebuilt in an imposing Soviet style. However, the whole city is very nice: 
The cathedral of Saint-Sophia
The cathedral (12th century) and the monastery are very interesting for every visitor of Kiev. From the bell-tower of the cathedral you will have a spectacular view on the golden domes of the Monastery of Saint Michael.
The monastery of Saint Michael
Walking near Saint-Sophia, you won't miss the golden domes of the monastery, named after the protector of Kiev. It is situated in the upper part of the city, administrative and historical heart of Kiev...
District Andriyivski Spusk and the church of Saint-Andrew
In this older part of the city, known as the "Montmartre of Kyiv", the museum of Bulgakov is situated. At weekends this district transforms into the gigantic gallery of art. It is situated in the historical centre of Kiev, traditional place of artisans and workshops. Lots of painting galleries and souvenir-shops.
Cavern monastery Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra, cultural legacy of the world by UNESCO
It overhangs the Dniepr. The part of the left board of Dniepr has been transformed into the beaches nowadays.
Islands Trukhaniv and Hydropark will offer you a marvellous view on Lavra. 
Even if you are not a fan, the spectacles given by the Kiev ballet are extraordinary
National museum of Art
Opened in 1899. Icons from 12th to nth century, Ukrainian artists of nth and 20th centuries.
Museum of the Great Patriotic War
Opened in 1981, dedicated to the events of the World War II, 1941-1945.
The statue of "Mother Patrimony" made of titanium (108 m height) in «Soviet» style makes an interesting contrast to the golden domes of Pecherskaya Lavra. Address: street Sichnevogo povstannya - metro station Arsenalnaya

Activities in Kiev and its surroundings



You might be surprised to learn that there are 120 km of beaches on the territory of Kiev! Kiev's left bank is the Dnieper, one of the largest rivers in Europe and the right bank is river Desenka. They are separated by three large islands that become very popular from May to September. The island Venetsianskyi is the best known with its Hydropark. You can get there by subway. Do not swim at the right bank, the Dnieper, but enjoy the superb views of the churches of the monastery Percherska Lavra. Left Bank is the Desenka where you can swim. From this island you have got access to the other island -  Dolobetskyi, a paradise for swimmers and clubbers ... in summer. The island is surrounded by Desenka, no restriction for swimming. On this island the beach party of Kiev takes place in summer. The third largest island is Trukhaniv. Nothing to do for clubbers, it's more for sportsmen.


But what to do in Kiev in winter? You won't believe me...  but you can ski in the very centre of the city! Two mechanical lifts in the centre, you can rent skis or snow boards right here. The descents are rather short but ideal for spending some time in the fresh air after having a night in a club. You can go skiing by metro, station: "Druzhba narodiv" then by minibus No. 450. You will also find several skating rinks in Kyiv but they are often busy, especially at weekends.


Do not leave Ukraine, especially if it is your first experience in Eastern countries, without trying a traditional sauna. Here they do not say sauna but banya. Real art of living in Ukraine as well as in Russia, it contributes to the maintenance of the physical and mental health. After a good night sprinkled with vodka, banya will be very good for anyone. We know only a few of them, but there are a lot. Feel free to suggest a sauna to a Ukrainian girl. You can go to the sauna on your own but traditionally they go there in groups.


Metro : Zoloti Vorota
In the very centre of Kiev one of the best saunas offers private areas with sauna, shower, toilet, lounge with TV / DVD and with a swimming pool up to 9 m long. Alone or in groups up to 6 people the price is the same. You can also ask for a massage.

Where to eat: restaurants of Kiev



During your stay in Kiev do not forget to visit the district Andriyivski spusk and the church of Saint-Andrew. In this older part of the city, known as the "Montmartre of Kyiv", the museum of Bulgakov is situated. The paved street turns into a giant outdoor art gallery at weekends. It is situated in the historical centre of Kiev, traditional place where there are lots of artists and workshops. You can also find here many art galleries and souvenir shops. At the beginning of the descent on the left after the church you will find "Cafe de Paris"! Definitely the best parity quality-price in Kiev. This is not the place where you can taste Ukrainian cuisine, but here you can eat well and not expensive in a Parisian bistro decor.


Metro Arsenalna, then bus (better get there by taxi): Good traditional Ukrainian cuisine in typical decorations, it is very good for tourists, do not miss it. Feel free to visit the restaurant before you check in the hotel. Website: www.tsarske.kiev.ua


Address: Velyka vasylkivska 56
Metro plosha L'va Tolstovo
There's nothing better to learn Russian and Ukrainian cuisine than pelmeni (Russian ravioli)


Metro Kreshatyk / Maidan nezalezhnosti
If you didn't taste a baguette, a good croissant or bread with chocolate while you were in Kiev, you can find the real french bakery with an aroma of hot bread in the very centre of Kiev.

Sleeping: where to stay in Kiev 

In Kiev you won't have a large choice between the hotels of "soviet" style and the overpriced palaces. For a few days in Kiev, do not hesitate to rent an apartment. The most of downtown apartments available for rent are very well equipped. Furthermore you can easily invite your new friend... while at the hotel you may have problems. Don't forget to book your airport transfer to Kiev as well as your apartment, you'll definitely save some money.

Night Clubs & Disco: Nightlife in Kiev

Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, and also the main city of the region. Cafes are everywhere in Kiev, with clubs and cafes spotted at the avenue of Kreshchatyk, offering the open-air terraces in summer. Youth and beua-monde come together at Arena City, located at the end of the avenue. Casual and chic places like the Bar on 8, are concentrated around the Old Town and the hood of Lypky. Summer is the season of nightclubs, clubbing and live music. The cafes are open until the very morning and most clubs stay open until 6:00.

Arena Entertainment

Address Basseyna 2A, Kiev (Khreschatyk) Paradise of revelers, the disco club Arena is the most legendary and prestigious in Kiev. The Arena is a large complex which hosts prestigious DJs as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, David Vendetta! This is the inevitable club of the city ... We recommend you to visit it to listen to dance music and electro of the best quality and to make pleasant acquaintances. 4 dancefloors. An impressive sound system. Bars ... The open-air part of the central place often hosts outdoor concerts.

See youtube video of the club

Bar Moda

Address: Richniy Vokzal, Kiev. The nightclub on the banks of the Dnieper River, located on a boat, which by its originality and quality of offered music, continues to attract the coolest people of Kiev. Hookahs, shows, delicious cocktails and originality. You'll find all the ingredients to taste the nightlife of Kiev!


12/37 Dekabristov St. "Maximum" is one of the largest complexes of Ukraine. There are a few dancefloors and also a bowling alley, a casino and pool. And a bar with strip tease... There's something for any taste and any interest. Good sound and a set of lights is still among the best in Ukraine http://www.maximym.com/


Muzeyny Lane 10, Kiev A nightclub fashion: one of the most popular in Kiev. The 2nd floor is properly designed. A clientelle about twenty years old. Patipa is a club in the centre of Kiev. The closest metro station is the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti). 

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