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We must inform you due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, we will not be taking any more reservations until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working hard to overcome obstacles and find solutions that best resolve the issue. Hope to see you in Crimea and / or in Georgia. 

The festival Kazantip is the greatest beach party in the world

Every year thousands of clubbers come to the shore of the Black Sea to have a party at the numerous dancefloors of this unique place. The festival Kazantip 2014 promises to be as good as the previous editions. Sea, great girls, sun & electro – that’s the perfect cocktail for a perfect vacation!

kazantip festival electro

A piece of advice for a cheap stay at Kazantip

  • Advice plane Kazantip: the earlier you reserve your plane tickets, the better the price for you will be. A few options for plane tickets
    • from your city to Simferopol (the fastest option), we come to pick you up at the airport
    • from your city to Kiev, then Kiev Simferopol by train (click on the link to book train ticket(s)) till night (the most economical option), we come to pick you up at the railway in Simferopol
    • from your city to Odessa, then Odessa Simferopol by train (click on the link to book train ticket(s)) till night, we come to pick you up at the railway in Simferopol.
  • Advice Train Kazantip: if you take the train Kiev Simferopol , Kiev Evpatoria or Odessa Simferopol (Simferopol and Evpatoria are the closest stations to Kazantip), the price for the ticket starts from 30 euros in case you book your stay on this site. What is more, you get a chance to enjoy more of Kazantip (because you arrive to Kazantip in the morning and you leave in the evening as there are only night trains)
  • Advice tranfer Kazantip from Simferopol: if you book your stay on this site, Kazantip Voyage provides free transfers from and to the railway/ aiport of Simferopol to Kazantip. The journey is 100 km and there is no possibility to get to Popovka by public transport (village where Kazantip is situated). And taxi can be really expensive (shortage estimated at night, distance of 100 km...)
  • Advice Accomodation Kazantip not expensive
  • Hotel not expensive : the most economical is our hotel Galia
  • Appartment not expensive : this solution is more economical than the hotel! Book earlier as very soon there will be nothing left! From 2012 Kazantip lasts just 2 weeks therefore the most economical accomodations are attacked!
  • Advice Pass Kazantip :

arrive to Kazantip as early as possible in order to buy pass to the festival. In general it is cheaper on first days of Kazantip (about 170 euros if you book in advance against 200 euros if you buy later, but in case you confirmed. The later you get your pass to Kazantip, the more expensive it will be).

optimize the period of your stay to cushion your pass as it costs the same no matter how much time you stay at the festival. That is the reason why the most part of Kazantip visitors book 1 week minimum.

  • Alcohole price: 1-liter bottle of vodka of good quality costs approximately 5 euros.
  • Tabacco price: 1 euro for a package for clasic European brands. You can take cartrages to your country. Attention there are limits.

Book your plane ticket to Kiev or Simferopol right on the site of the company Ukrainian International Airlines flyuai.com or compare the prices on the best sites in order to book plane tickets : govoyages.com, promovols.com, fr.lastminute.com

Book at ridiculously low price Kazantip 2014 : hotel not expensive, roundtrip transfers for free, air-conditioning and halfboard optional. You can pay less with one of our hot deals click here.

Fly to the Crimea and the festival Kazantip with Ukraine International Airlines  partner of kazantip voyage. Kazantipvoyage.com is the travel website for the festival Kazantip in Crimea. The vacations of your dream for summer 2014. Don't make a mistake, your vacations are very important. We live right on site and are at Kazantip since 2006. We are waiting for you at Kazantip in Crimea this summer.  

Kazantip 2014 skip summary

    Dates of Kazantip 2014 : July 31 - August 14

    The Festival Kazantip is waiting for you this summer! The festival Kazantip 2014 will take place from July 31 to August 14. Take the most from your trip to Crimea - come before the beginning of the festival and stay longer after it is over.

    Click a photo to enlarge it

    Line up program 2014

    The line up DJs Kazantip 2014 - house, electro, techno, trance, minimal -  will be known at last moment, but every year the line up is exceptional with the artists of rang of Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Pendulum, Paul Van Dyk, Above and Beyond, Ricardo Villalobos and others.

    Z22 - the 22nd anniversary of Kazantip Crimea 2014

    For youngsters and for not so young, but also loving vacations, Kazantip festival is an event that should be minimum once in your life. Kazantip - it's now or never! The problem that is always in front of a great number of visitors is that to spend a dozen days of vacation abroad - that's rather expensive, the prices in Miami, Cancun and Ibiza have exploded. You should also add the price of alcohol and entrance to the club... But Kazantip is a dream that may become reality... Kazantip is like a Russian version of American Spring Breaks at Cancun or Miami, but it is many times more fun, more electro. A lot of people have already realized it and from the month of April there wouldn't be a lot of available rooms in the village with the exotic name of Popovka where the festival takes place for a month.

    The capacity is rather limited - the best hotels of Kazantip are sold out a few months before the festival. If you take your decision before the month of April, your vacation will cost you two, three or even four times cheaper than that at Ibiza. For the moment your total budget for fifteen days at Kazantip in the for three persons room of our hot deal in the village of Popovka where the festival takes place is around 645 Euros (price per person for accommodation, transfers to/from the airport or railway station of Simferopol or Sevastopol, half board and insurance) with kazantipvoyage.com

    True or False? It is useful to know before your trip to Kazantip... and also throughout Crimea. It's a pity to miss the best night clubs of OdessaEvpatoria or Sevastopol. It's a holiday that lasts all the summer in this Ukrainian cities on the shores of the Black sea. Simferopol is the university cities where they party all year long. But first of all - Kazantip!

    Entry ticket festival kazantip 2014


    How to enter the territory of the festival Kazantip in Crimea ? 

    You are planning your trip to Kazantip and you ask yourself how you will enter the territory of Kazantip. The territory of the Republic of Kazantip is a closed protected space. In order to pass security post (the border of Kazantip), you must have an entry ticket that is better known as Viza. Viza Kazantip is a plastic card (viza for multiple entries) or a bracelet for a single entry viza. Your photo is registered. Guards can see your image on the screen. 

    The single entry ticket can be bought only at the entrance to the festival. 

    The ticket for multiple entries can be acquired in two ways:

    1. register yourself already now and buy the ticket to Kazantip online, the price of the ticket grows when the time passes;

    2. arrive at the end of July or at the beginning of August and buy your ticket on site.

    For those who choose to buy the entry ticket online:

    1. register on the official site kazantip viza department . If you've got any difficulties during registration (the site is only in Russian or English), we can provide you with all the necessary help;

    2. buy your viza online. The discount system is simple: the more you pay for viza online, the less you have to pay. For an application for registration Viza, you have to fill your identification information and download your photo.

    Replacement of viza in case of a loss, theft or confiscation by security

    If you don't respect the constitution of Kazantip, your viza can be confiscated and you can be expelled from the territory of Kazantip.
    The main reasons for deportation are sexual harassment and peeing outside of the toilets! According to the seriousness of the violation, viza can be replaced by the department Viza or definitively removed. If a citizen pays the fine, behaves in an appropriate way, then a trouble is over, he swear that he will never commit violations again, the fine is 20 euro.
    In case of an occasional loss of viza, it is renovated for the same price.
    You can plan your stay at Kazantip now !

    Kazantip True or false?

    There is no doubt that you've got some preconceived ideas on Kazantip and Crimea in general. Our experience showed us that there are numerous sites that drive out the false ideas, for example about security, climate and Crimea in general. Here you can get some answers for your questions.

    The official site of Kazantip?

    Beware of scamers! The ONE and ONLY OFFICIAL SITE of the Kazantip Republic is kazantip-republic.com . Don't let anyone deceive you! You've searched kazantip with google and you've found sites that have nothing to do with the official one. kazantip.com is not an official website. kazantip fr is the same one that kazantip com - that means both of them are not official. Kazantip doesn't have any official representatives in Europe! kazantipvoyage.com is the site of your trip to Kazantip

    Where is Kazantip? In Crimea !

    kazantip carteThe most known website kazantip com is not an official one. In 2012 the name of Kazantip was used for a festival in Portugal.

    If you still doubt - Kazantip is in Crimea and nowhere else! You can read what Nikita (the real president of true Kazantip) thinks about Kazantip in Portugal. It will be really a pity to miss the 22nd anniversary of Kazantip and to find yourself in Portugal.

    Kazantip is in Crimea. See the red circle on the map !
    Kazantip will always be in Crimea ! Kazantip takes place in a little village called Popovka, just near Mirny (on the map you can see Popovka). Just see the google map of Popovka
    Not so far frome Mirny, you can See Yevpatoria, a good city to make party in nightclubs
    Google Map of Popovka with Kazantip and one of our hotels : Galia

    Weather at Kazantip? It is warm in Crimea!

    In summer the weather at Kazantip is the same that at Ibiza! In July and August the climate is rather warm and dry at Kazantip and the temperature rises up to 35 degrees. The marine air makes this climate not very exhaustive and rather comfortable. At night the temperature descends lower than 25 degrees above zero. The temperature of the water in the Black Sea is about 20-25 degrees. You have good chances to be successful with the weather during your vacation at Kazantip. So it is not only a musical festival; you can also spend a perfect vacation by the seashore. The weather in Sevastopol, Yalta or Odessa is also very favourable in summer. With Kazantip Voyage you can book a tour uniting at the same time Kazantip, Sevastopol, Odessa etc. The weather is perfect in Crimea not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn.

    Is there enough water and is it hot?

    In the village of Popovka there are sometimes certain problems with water supply, but it is not a problem for our hotels, having their own stockages, that are enough to supply you with water for a shower during day or night. The warm water also exists in Crimea:) , so no need to bother. The rooms that we offer correspond to the European standards of comfort and hygiene!

    Crimean mafia and delinquency?

    Mafia exists in Crimea. It also exists all over the world ! It is an Italian word, isn't it? It prevents you from going to Italy? Or to live in another country ? Surely not. But think in the other way. Do you believe that 150 000 of festival visitors are involved in mafia business? It's not dangerous to have a walk at the festival or nearby… The chances to meet an aggression are not more than at the airport of Kiev or Simferopol … The level of delinquency in Crimea is comparable to that of your country, and we can assure you that there is a little chance to see something suspicious, disturbing or menacing. Any event concerning the festival is ensured by the local police. Their outfit is rather differrent... If your behavior is normal you have no risk to have  more  problems than in any place in civilized city ! The global spirit of Kazantip is the fest, not a crime or a conflict. You'll be astonished by the pacific spirit of people, even of those who drink without any measure. We should mention that the greater part of population of Kazantip are students and active youth. Everyone comes to have a good time - it's thanks to them it feels so good at Kazantip. Our advice for good trip at Kazantip will let you spend your vacations without any problems.

    Kazantip is a festival of drugs?

    Kazantip doesn't differ from the dancefloors you usually visit. Some people use ecstasy and ganja as anywhere else (but the proportion is a few time less than at Ibiza). Consumption and sale of drugs is not visible and it can't disturb the tranquility of the festival. Attention! This is not a rave party! People here rarely look as "ravers". The common thing between people here is the spirit of openness and accessibility.You don't think so? Come to Kazantip by booking here your promo tour, your hotel or your apartment.

    Are there any problems with drinking vodka or other alcohol?

    One should admit that the consumption of vodka and other alcohol at Kazantip is rather impressive. But on the contrary to what you can imagine,it doesn't lead to any problems with security or discomfort.
    The phenomenon of "drinking bad alcohol" is usual for eastern Europeans; no doubt that it's the force of the habit... The fact that it takes place at the very seashore doesn't mean anything. You don't think so? Come to visit Kazantip. It is not rare to be invited by the Russians/Ukrainians to have a few drinks with them in order to make an acquaintance... We advise you to offer the same when it's your turn.
    Attention, it doesn't mean that they don't have fun without drinking! There are a lot of people who don't drink a lot of alcohol, and those who drink are as sociable as the others. The alcohol coma is extremely rare despite the astronomic quantity of consumed alcohol. Anyway we ask you to be moderate with this when you are on place.

    Are the girls nice in Crimea and at Kazantip?

    This is not a myth! The girls are beautiful here! You can see it yourself on the photos on this website or ask someone who has already been here. You can hardly find anyone who hasn't been astonished with the beauty of the Ukrainian/Russian girls. We invite you to discover it with your own eyes by booking your vacation at Kazantip! They are not only beautiful but they are also not very modest: it seems that the obligatory wearing of strings is written in the Constitution of Ukraine! We'll see...

    Kazantip will be for free for girls ...

    In december 2011 the president of the Republic Kazantip Nikita 1st offered a "humanitarian aid to the people of Belarussia and promised a viza (pass) for free for all the girls from Belarussia. Why only for the girls? Because men of Belarussia must fight for independence of their country". That's Nikita who said this. So it's better to believe. We are waiting for this summer!
    And now, not less important than the info above - the price of the tour to Kazantip and what is useful to know before you book.

    A budget for your vacation at Kazantip 2014 Compare the offers before booking

    Currency | bank expenses | duration of tour | transfers railway or airport | price hotel rooms | price apartment | price tour | entry ticket | shared rooms | alcohol | internet payment 


     With Kazantip Voyage you pay the "honest" price. The exchange rate is updated daily and you pay only what you owe. The rest that is paid on arrival is paid in euros.

    Bank expenses

     with Kazantip Voyage you do not pay any bank expenses. The payments are made online and there are no extra charges.

    Duration of your tour festival Kazantip

    certain sites offer the exact days of arrival, departure and duration of your stay. That's not cool! If you arrive at the same time that everyone you will surely pay more for plane tickets, wait for your turn for a longtime etc. >> With Kazantipvoyage.com you arrive and depart when you want, this enables you to find a cheaper ticket and to choose the duration of your vacation according to your budget and spare time.

    Your vacations are important: do not make a mistake. You will find more or less offers for a trip to Kazantip but what should you do with these?
    With Kazantip Voyage it is very simple. We live right on place and we've offered Kazantip vacations for 9 years.
    Click a photo to enlarge it

    Transfers  festival Kazantip - for free on arrival and departure

    from the airport or railway station of Simferopol. Certain sites offer you transfers: the tourists are grouped for certain days of week. You risk to wait for half a day at the airport for your mini-bus. It's rather difficult to satisfy a dozen of clients with one or two vehicles at the same time. >> With Kazantipvoyage.com you'll have your personal transfer. You are in charge after your arrival to the airport or railway station of Simferopol. You don't have to wait for other passengers who arrive with the next flight.

    Kazantip vacations

    a stay with all comfort in a hotel a few minutes walk away from the festival and beach from 319 euros for 7 nights, transfers to/from the airport of Simferopol included 

    Hotel price Kazantip

    certain sites rise their prices for the opening and closing weekends! >> With Kazantipvoyage.com you have the best prices and hot deals even for weekends of opening and closing. We do not offer the type of accommodation "to share your room with strangers" because our experience shows that it is a source of numerous problems for room-mates (thefts, incompatibility of tempers, lack of intimacy, lack of space etc.) Don't agree to live in the same room with people you don't know. With kazantipvoyage.com and our rooms even for one person you are a 100% winner!

    Price of apartment to rent an apartment at Popovka with Kazantip Voyage makes less than 250 euros for 7 nights including transfers for an apartment for 3 persons

    Shared rooms with Kazantip Voyage !

    Certain sites offer you to share your room with others: we do not offer such a type of accommodation. Our experience shows that it is the source of numerous problems with your neighbors (thefts, incompatibility of tempers, lack of intimacy, etc.). Don't let the strangers share room with you. It is a lottery with lots to lose. >> With Kazantipvoyage.com you pass your vacation with your friends and your things are secured - each room has a door-lock.

    Meals budget: where to eat at Kazantip


    Eat at our hotels at Kazantip

    Restaurant of home kitchen, open every morning, closed late in the evening (after the last client), a pause in the afternoon. Local and European kitchen: salads of tomatoes, cucumbers, Ukrainian soups, spaghetti. Breakfast - tea or coffee, bread, butter, jam, bacon, orange juice.

    A breakfast: coffee, orange juice, sandwich, bread, butter, omelette costs about 3,5 euros per person
    Lunch: salad, local meal with meat and vegetables costs about 5,5 euros per person
    Budget for a week for a meal and breakfast: approximately 9 euros per day!
    Check the hot deals at the hotel Galia (click the link)
    • hotel Irina half board from 45 euros per person per week!

    European kitchen. This hotel offers stay only with halfboard. The stay of a week 7 nights with half board (breakfast and lunch) is

    • 339 euros per person in a triple room (three persons)

    To compare with other offers for 7 nights, a room with air conditioner without half board hotel Galia is

    • 294 euros per person

    Check the hot deals stay with half board at hotel Irina (click the link)

    Another advantage of the hotel: it is situated on the border with Mirniy so you can easily get to shops and small cafes of the village that will be cheaper than those of the village of Popovka.

    Eat outside Kazantip in the village of Popovka or at Mirniy

    You can find several small restaurants but there is nothing extraordinary. We recomend you local meals: pelmeni (ravioli) and plov (rise with meat). We'll show you on arrival the spots that are to visit. If sometimes you want to have a good meal in the restaurant - use our transfers to Evpatoria that is 40 km from Kazantip.

    Eat inside Kazantip

    To eat inside Kazantip will be even more expensive or much more expensive - minimum two or three times. It's difficult to give you prices as they change every year.

    The most efficient solution is: to eat at the hotel or to cook meals yourself. This is also the best solution as for your health! We prevent you from eating at some temporary structures like tents offering shashlik (barbecue), shawerma (lamb on a metal rod). The rules of hygiene are not always respected and each year there are people who feel sick.

    That is why there is normally no place in the restaurants of our hotels and we have to add chairs and tables.

    Important info: in all our hotels you can have your own food and alcohol.

    If you rent an apartment hot deal for a stay at Kazantip, you'll be able to cook your meals yourself.

    Price of alcohol at Kazantip: what to drink at Kazantip

    Certain websites offer you a free bottle of vodka if you buy a tour. We think the best is to offer you a cheap voyage and tell you real prices for alcohol at Kazantip. The most popular alcohol at Kazantip is vodka as throughout in Crimea.
    Click a photo to enlarge it


    Ukraine is the country where vodka was invented (and not Russia as they think). The most popular brand of vodka is Khortytsa. Vodka is the most popular alcohol drink in Crimea and at Kazantip. There are several types of vodka Khortytsa of different taste:

    • premium, light grey label         
    • platinum,  grey label
    • silver, silver label
    • classic, blue label
    • absolute, light blue label
    • golden cedar (with pieces siberian cedar and with juniper), green label
    • honey, chilli, lime (they are special for Crimea: we recommend them for strong men!) golden colour of vodka, brown label
    • plum and cinnamon (for gourmands) yellow colour of vodka, grey label.

    Khortytsa is the most popular brand that is sold everywhere but there are also hundreds of other brands. Vodka in Crimea is usually sold in bottles of 0,5L , 0,7L and 1L. Normally it is 40°c.

    On the territory of the festival they usually sell 2 brands of vodka on different dancefloors as well as the other types of alcohol.

    Vodka is cheaper in our hotels or in the shops of Popovka than inside Kazantip. In 2011 in our hotels a bottle of vodka 0,5L cost 8 €, inside Kazantip - from 15 €. One can find it even cheaper but of low quality. You can even find vodka for 3 euros per bottle 50 cl !

    Russians and Ukrainians do not mix vodka with juice. They use two glasses: one for vodka and another one for juice or energy drink. 


    The second popular alcohol at Kazantip and in Crimea is "shampanskoe" - a light sparkling wine. You can find this product of a rather good quality in Crimea, especially "Sevastopolskoe" and "Novy svet". A bottle of local champagne costs from 3 to 4 euros in any shop (on arrival you will find plenty of mini-markets). Russian and Ukrainian girls like this "champagne" very much. Don't hesitate to invite them for a drink. This won't crash your budget but will certainly build some links.


    Another popular aclohol drink, especially in summer at Kazantip, is beer. One can find a very good Ukrainian beer among various numerous trademarks. Speaking only about the best: Tchernigovskoye, Obolon, Slavutich. At Popovka good Ukrainian beer costs from 1.20 euros for 0.5L.
    Don't let anyone deceive you. The hotels of Kazantip Voyage propose you drinks at local prices.
    Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, but fortunately Kazantip lasts only one month a year!

    Alcohol budget for a week at Kazantip

    With an average budget of 50 euros per week you can allow: half a bottle of good vodka and several beers each day plus you will be able to offer your friends a bottle of local champagne. That's really cheaper than throughout the Europe! At Kazantip you won't need an enormous budget to party!

    Price of cigarettes at Kazantip: smoking at kazantip

    The best selling cigarettes in Europe are probably Marlboro with the price of 6.20 euros per pack while in Crimea the price is about 12 UAH that is 1.20 euros per pack! And we talk about the same pack of 20 cigarettes as it is anywhere in the world. That makes an economy of about 50 euros per carton... If you bring cigarettes with you on your retour (according to customs rules one can legally bring one carton per person), you will save even more. If you travel with two friends who do not smoke and each of them brings carton with them it will make an extra saving of 150 euros. Cigarettes Marlboro or others sold in Crimea are equivalent to the brands sold in Europe.

    An average smoker that spends a week at Kazantip can legally economize up to 200 euros consumpting the same cigarettes that in his country. That will let you make your trip cheaper!

    Internet payment numerous websites offer accommodation at Kazantip: you pay by your credit card on non-secured pages (secured page for payments has an URL like https://www ...). With Kazantipvoyage.com you receive a contract and make a payment with your credit card on a secured page. To learn more about us >> Click here


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