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Kazantip 2014

On August 2014, the Kazantip Republic reopens its doors in Anaklia in the north west of Georgia !
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Kazantip invites you to dive into a world free from prejudice, into the world of wonderful electronic music and beautiful women on the sunny shores of the Black Sea in Georgia. Every year the place of our meeting was Popovka near Evpatoria in southern Ukraine. Now it will be Anaklia in Georgia. For two years, Kazantip became almost two times shorter, which means that the program is now much more intense. As explained by the organisers, it allows participants not to have to face the choice between the two hottest weekend. You can easily enjoy kazantip 2014 from the beginning till the very end.
On the territory of the Republic Z (the other name for the kazantip Republic) are distributed many dance floors , all different, many bars and restaurants offering different cuisine and price . The sound is running at full capacity on all dance floors from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. During the day the music is more lounge but sometimes everyone is dancing on the beach or right in the water. At the end of each day , at sunset , thousands of citizens of the Republic Kazantip gather on the beach for the traditional sunset.
To complete the party you can participate or simply attend Z Games, sports event that brings together the best kite surfers and other extreme sports enthusiasts .
Over 300 DJs played last year. The line up DJ s kazantip 2014 or Z22 will be significantly upgraded compared to previous years. The most famous names of the electro music will be at Kazantip 2014.
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To visit the Kazantip Republic 2014 you must purchase a Viza : the name given here to the entry ticket Kazantip. From the beginning of 2014 you have got the opportunity to buy the entry ticket at a very special price. Then the price will gradually increase. On site, it will always be possible to purchase a multi entry pass but it will be much more expensive than if you buy it now.
You must register on the Kazantip Republic official Website to buy the entrance ticket kazantip 2014 online. There are 2 types of Visas : plastic multi visa giving the holder the opportunity to enter the territory for the period of 15 days (the one you need) and a single entry visa authorising a visit.
You are convinced and you want to come to Kazantip 2014, you have now only to think of transport and accommodation. To participate fully in kazantip 2014, you need to find accommodation : on-site hotel in the village of Anaklia or apartment. Indeed, the pace is intense (from August, 20 to August, 31, 2014, virtually non-stop music) and numerous animations, and the more you stay near by the Kazantip Republic , the more you will enjoy it. The site kazantipvoyage.com offers the best trip at Kazantip: hotels and apartments at reasonable price. Enjoy special offers kazantip 2014.
Kazantip 2014 under the sign of freedom , a republic for everyone. Crazy, surreal, erotic, hilarious , two weeks of happiness and joy at Kazantip , will give you the only wish - come back here the following year .