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Formalities of entrance and stay in Ukraine

There are many question marks hanging over Crimea at the moment. Events in Crimea and Ukraine are fast moving. You should monitor this travel advice regularly and subscribe to email alerts (please enter your email address).

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Passports of European Union, Switzerland: no visa for Ukraine 

Most people don’t need a visa to go to Ukraine. On the other hand you must have a foreign passport, valid for six months more after the date of return. The EU passport owners (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands), as well as citizens of the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Brazil, Israil, South Korea, Paraguay, Argentina, Principality of Andorra, Principality of Liechtenstein, Principality of Monaco, Japan are not obliged to have visa if they travel in Ukraine less than 90 days. You do not need a visa to enter Ukraine, you can book now your kazantip accomodation.

To be sure if you need a visa to enter Ukraine, you can consult the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (click the link, then your country to know if you don't need a visa)

ATTENTION The National ID Card is not valid for entering Ukraine. If you don’t have your passport or it is expired, don’t leave this problem till the very last moment. Delivery of a passport can take almost 2 months!

Other nationalities: attestation of touristic travel for getting the visa

For those who do not have a passport of mentioned countries, you should contact the Consulates of Ukraine in your country. With the other required documents the Consulate of Ukraine will ask you for attestation of touristic travel. We can provide you with this attestation ONLY in the case that you’ve booked your vacations with kazantipvoyage.com. We can help you to obtain visa for your trip to Kazantip. CLUB UKRAINE can provide you with “an attestation of touristic travel” to get visa. Please fill this form » Click here

The delay of visa delivery varies from 6 to 14 days. Under certain conditions you may ask for an urgent visa (check the information of Embassy of Ukraine in your country). The fees of Consulate usually doubles in such case. For simplifying the process there is also a possibility to get visa by mail. Visa cannot be delivered to Ukrainian airports.

Travel attestation and touristic visa for Ukraine

If you do not have passport of EU, Switzerland, Canada etc., tour operator Club Ukraine registered in Ukraine is officially permitted to fulfil a visa support for their clients that is a letter of invitation. We help you in obtaining a touristic visa, emitting invitation letters for our clients only. So, you must first of all book your tour or hotel, or rental of apartment with Club Ukraine. Once the letter of invitation is emitted, you should give all the required documents to the Consulate Service of Embassy of Ukraine in your country of residence.

Demand for invitation letter for obtaining visa » Click here

Necessary documents to come by car

Driving license or International driving license. Actually this is a translation of a national driving license. It is delivered to those who want to travel abroad for purpose of tourism. In order to get it you should ask prefecture.
- Grey card (owner of vehicle should present it when crossing the border)
- Insurance valid in Ukraine and in all the transit countries If you lose your driving license and want to make a new one, you’ll have nothing to do but to wait for your return to your country of residence.


Mandatory vaccinations: habitual vaccinations.
It is recommended not to drink water without boiling.
We also recommend you to make an insurance, covering medical expenses and repatriation in a case of danger to your health.

Luggage | Ukrainian customs

Your luggage must pass the customs security when you enter Ukraine

Customs Control: Entering Ukraine

Upon arrival to Ukraine, you will have to go through Border and Custom's Formalities. It will save you time and energy if you follow simple recommendations below. 

It is allowed to bring into Ukraine:

Cash and travel checks totaling up to USD 10,000. If money you carry in exceed USD 3,000 it should be declared in written form.

Customs Control: Leaving Ukraine

When leaving Ukraine, you will have to fill the Exit Customs' Declaration in to list the valuables you are bringing out of the country. Please, note that valuables not included in the Entrance Declaration will be subject to Customs taxes and fees. Below are things to consider when leaving Ukraine.

It is allowed to carry out of Ukraine:

Cash and travel checks totaling up to USD 10,000 and carried into Ukraine. If money you carry out exceeds USD 3,000 it should be declared in written form. However, it cannot exceed amount you carried in to the country.

Limitations and Prohibitions:

Prohibited objects: narcotic and psychotropic substances.

For preventing any problems with export from Ukraine, we advise to check the official site of Ukrainian customs.

Kazantip Viza

If you want to know more about viza Kazantip (The viza (with a Z) is the name of the ticket to Kazantip. Do not confound with a visa (with S) for entering Ukraine), click the link.