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Vacation is important, you do not have the right for a mistake. How can I be sure about my tour booked in the Internet?

The main elements to verify it:

  • make sure that you deal with a real tour operator. Conditions of exercising the activities relative to organization and sell of voyages and tours in Ukraine are regulated. Unfortunately not everybody respects the rules. Tour operator is licensed only after presenting proofs of professional competence, diplomas, financial guaranties and insurances indispensable for this business. Club Ukraine owns the license of tour operator No 7349 valid until 25.12.2014 and financial guarantee and insurance of civil professional responsibilities of the TAC group, assurer No 1 in Ukraine. For a client it means the guaranty of deposed funds.
  • verify before the payment who is the acquirer of your fonds. Club Ukraine has its account in UkrSibBank, a member of group BNP Paribas, one of the 6 most confident banks in the world. It possesses the 3rd place among the banks of Ukraine with its level of actives. You may ask your bank to verify the credibility of our enterprise or directly contact UkrSibBank, group BNP Paribas by email retail.international@ukrsibbank.com or Tel.: 380 44 278 86 36 & 380 44 278 86 11
  • verify address of the head office: our office is situated in Ukraine, st.Morozova 12, 95034, Simferopol. No offshore bank accounts, no head office in the fiscal paradise.
  • verify the testimonials of the clients.

All this information is public. How can one be certain that this info is not used by anyone else. The two sites offering the products of tour operator Club Ukraine are kazantipvoyage.com and www.ukrainevoyage.com. We collaborate with other touristic agencies but they sell our products only under their own trademark. 

It is not very easy to choose your room using only a few photos and lines of description? The serious sites offer only the selection of touristic products. Presence of our team on place permits us to make the right choice and to constantly update our offers. The site is rather complete but you still need other information? That's normal. An additional info, an opinion, an advice as for the choice of a product - whatever your demand is, send us a mail or make a call (phone number without extra charges) to a person in charge for your booking. You will have the same contact person for the whole period of your vacation.

We work in Ukraine, and only in Ukraine. This is why we are interested that you come, that you are satisfied and that you let the others know about it.

Foreign ownership and management 

These last seven years our team has got a great experience in organization of the trips to Ukraine. Ukrainian company owned by foreign national, with foreign staff living permanently in Ukraine, we like to think that we are different than local travel service provider.

To learn more about services that we offer or if you got any questions, you can contact us for free on Skype (club-ukraine) or msn but also using this contact form

Our priorities are your security and your comfort to spend a really good vacation! Our numerous clients who have already travelled with us confirm this, and the most part of them comes back every year.